Envirolet® Waterless Remote System COLOR SPECIAL

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We are clearing some color waterless toilet inventory so we have added a special discount of up to 50% Off certain Waterless Remote Systems colors! These are new but may have a slight "mark" or "blemish." Choose your color and power!  The system and accessories is the same as always. Same warranty too. LIMITED TIME OFFER.

Note, there is a $50 S&H fee for all of the special colors on sale. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Product Info:
The Envirolet® Waterless Remote System is ideal when you have space directly below your bathroom either in a basement or outside. 
The Waterless Toilet goes in your bathroom and is connected to the Waterless Remote System. The highest capacity Envirolet® System available.

What's in the box? Standard included opions.
1. Envirolet® Waterless Remote Composting Unit - you choose 120VAC, 12VDC or Non-Electric
2. Waterless Toilet - you choose color. (White systems include a white plastic seat and other colors include an oak seat).
3. 1 x Envirolet® Premix Starter Mix Kit
4. 1 x Envirolet® Compost Accelerator (8oz)
5. 1 x Envirolet® Compost Power (bottle)
6. 1 x 10cm/4" Wind Turbine Ventilator
7. Vent/Drain Kit (Includes: 2' x 8" Flexible Drain Duct, 8" Gear Clamp, 4' x 10cm/4" Flexible Vent Duct, 10cm/4" Coupling, 10cm/4" Gear Clamp, Silicone, and Rubber Roof Flashing.

Need extra venting, etc?
*Please check your installation to see if you require additional 8" Flexible Drain Duct. 2' supplied is enough for ground to bathroom floor distance of 5'. Order more if necessary.) Go here to add this or ask us.

Capacity (Varies by Power):
Choose your power. We always recommend 120VAC Electric if you have it available. If not, consider a 12VDC (that runs off a 12v battery that can be combined with solar panel or Non-Electric option). Battery not included for 12VDC models.

120VAC: 10 persons per day for vacation use and 8 persons per day for continuous use. (Based on 3 uses per person per day.) No drain required. Drain is available as an option and is recommended for extra heavy or commercial applications. Drain must gravity feed to approved drain pit.
12VDC: 8 persons per day for vacation use and 6 persons per day for continuous use. (Based on 3 uses per person per day.)  Drain required (included).
Non-Electric: 8 persons per day for vacation use and 6 persons per day for continuous use. (Based on 3 uses per person per day.)  Drain required (included).

    Remote System Size: 25" W x 33" L x 28.5" H

    Waterless Toilet Size: 16.5" W x 22.5" L x 20.5" H (seat 15" H)

    Shipping Weight: 120 lbs.